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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Musashi Trio Live at The 4th St Tavern San Rafael

20 minutes away from the epicenter of the bay area in San Rafael, on the south end of 4th St, people come out to see live The 4th Street Tavern

They dance, drink, hoot and holler. In between sets they come up and tell us that they are enjoying themselves. They laugh and smile. They always tip. What more could a local band ask for in a venue? Not much more. That is why we love playing there so much. With a crowd already doing their part from the get go, all we have to do is basically...rock out some jams until they close the bar. And the wonderful thing about that is that we love to rock out some jams, anyway. That's why we do this. On top of that, the crowd keeps us pumped up and in turn we reignite the crowd.

It's that simple...

 So here is a clip of one of those nights. Footage taken by Cory DeGregorio. I like the fact that it pays homage to our "Sideways" cd at the beginning.

Anyway, next time you hear that we are playing near you...this is what you can expect.
From the end of our first set, out of three

Mary Had A Little Lamb by Buddy Guy (ala SRV)

The Musashi Trio

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rhubarb Pie by The Musashi Trio



Long Distance Blues by The Musashi Trio

Long distance love can test anyone's faith in themselves and other people.

This song is a testament to those who have endured.

 And to those who have suffered.

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Phony Preacher by The Musashi Trio


A preacher is a person of the cloth. A person whom has dedicated his/her life to the people of the church. A devout follower of God, who's duty is to preach the ways of religion for the sake of mankind. Someone who has taken a vow to teach and restore the goodness in the heart of all. When a preacher is arrested for breaking this vow, it becomes an entirely different subject.

This subject is very difficult to talk about. No one likes to hear about news like this.

All the stories on the web suggest that this is an on going problem in the world. A problem that we must face, endure and eventually solve. This problem touches the hearts of all who practice religion and those who do not. These stories are often tragic, yet somehow they reveal an awareness that we must all accept.

This song is about all these stories.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Constant Sorrow by The Musashi Trio

A Man of Constant Sorrow, an epic song from the movie O Brother Where Art Thou will always be an all time favorite of the Musashi Trio. In fact, we like it so much we had to do our own version...